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Waddle for Rotary

Henderson County Courthouse
1 Historic Courthouse Sq
Hendersonville NC 28792

Date: 05/05/18
Time: 09:00 AM


Waddle for Rotary
(includes 2.04 processing fee)
Closed for Registration Closed May 5, 2018, 7 a.m.
Event Director Info

Lynn Marks
Hendersonville Rotary Club
PO Box 901
Hendersonville, NC 28739




Waddle for Rotary



The inaugural mile “Duck Waddle” (or run) down Main Street is part of the 2 nd annual Hendersonville Rotary Ducky Drop on May 5.

The Walk/Run is a new addition and it will be held the same day as the Lucky Duck Drop. The Waddle is $10 (plus online credit card fees) and money raised for this charity go to fund Rotary Education Grants for teachers in Henderson County.

The Waddle down Main Street begins at 9 a.m.

Proceeds benefit Rotary Education Grants.   Event starts and at the Henderson County Historic Courthouse.  

Come for the waddle, and then stay for the duck drop!


Lucky Duck Drop: Participants buy one or more of the 5,000 total tickets, and then 5,000 rubber ducks, each with number matching a raffle ticket, are dropped into a large pool located in front of the courthouse.

Then, six ducks are retrieved from the pool. Winners with matching numbers can receive prizes from $2,000 to $50.




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