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Carolina Reaper

Southside High School
6630 Frontage at Whitehorse Rd
Greenville SC 29605

Date: 07/18/20
Time: 06:20 PM


Habanero - 1 X 2.62
Participant List (1)
(includes 2.59 processing fee)
Register Closes July 17, 2020, noon
Jalepeno - 2 X 2.62
Participant List (5)
(includes 2.59 processing fee)
Register Closes July 17, 2020, noon
Carolina Reaper T-Shirt
Register Closes July 17, 2020, noon
Carolina Reaper Buff
Register Closes July 17, 2020, noon
Carolina Reaper Socks
Register Closes July 17, 2020, noon
Carolina Reaper Hat
Register Closes July 17, 2020, noon
Event Director Info

Jonathan Smith
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Carolina Reaper Challenge

Southside High School

Greenville, SC -  July 18th 2020

Welcome to the  3rd Annual Carolina Reaper Challenge  event! We are pleased to bring a new and exciting twist to three different distances including the 50k, the full marathon, and half marathon distance. This will be great for the first time finishers of these distances as well as give a new challenge to all the speed demons out there! 


  • Death Pepper 50k  starting at 11:00am
  • Carolina Reaper Marathon  Starting @ 12:20pm
  • Carolina Reaper Relay  Starting @ 12:20pm
  • Ghost Pepper 13.1 and Ruck Challenge  Starting @ 3:40pm
  • Jalapeno (2 x 2.62)  Starting @ 5:40PM
  • Habanero 2.62  Starting @ 6:20pm
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Cut Off Policy

  • The race distances are 12x - 10x - 5x - 2x - 1x
  • The race loop is 2.62 miles from start to finish. The start/finish lines are about 15 meters apart so there is a bit of lag if you come in right at 40 minutes to get over to the start line. 
  • The tent city area is located directly behind the start and finish lines so you will not have to move very far to get to the aid station or your personal area. 
  • The parking lot is located just behind tent city so when you arrive on Frontage road and park in the main lot you will locate the start and finish area (follow the people)
  • The loops will begin at 11:00 and stop at 7:00. 
  • Each loop will begin with the kettle bell ring
  • The paths are wide and this is a closed loop with two police officers manning a small section of road on frontage road
  • At the beginning of each loop runners will  given 40 minutes to complete the loop. 
  • If you fail to complete your loop under 40 minutes your bib will be pulled and you will be removed from the event. You are allowed to finish the event on your own but will not be in the official results. 
  • All runners (except the ruckers) must wait until the top of the 40 minute mark to start their next loop. 
  • If you complete your loop in 20 minutes you will have to wait 20 minutes before the next loop. 
  • If you complete your loop in 39 minutes you will have a 1 minute break. Ya dig? 
  • The first race will start at 11:00am with the 50k runners and thus every 40 minutes after that we will begin a new lap with new distances joining in at lap 3, 8, and 12! 
  • All runners who need to stop their race for whatever reason before finishing please return your chip tag at the timing table and indicate that you are pulling out of the event.

What Can My Pace Be?

  • 40 Minutes - 15:16 Min Per Mile
  • 38 Minutes - 14:30 Min Per Mile
  • 36 Minutes - 13:44 Min Per Mile
  • 34 Minutes - 12:58 Min Per Mile
  • 32 Minutes - 12:12 Min Per Mile
  • 30 Minutes - 11:27 Min Per Mile
  • 28 Minutes - 10:41 Min Per Mile
  • 24 Minutes - 9:09 Min Per Mile
  • 20 Minutes - 7:38 Min Per Mile
  • 16 Minutes - You Crazy

Discounts and Membership

  • All S.C.U.M (South Carolina Ultra Marathon) receive 15% OFF   (Sign up and  receive discount during registration)

Packet Pickup

Packet Pickup will be held Friday at New Balance Store Woodruff between 4pm and 8pm. During packet pickup you pick up your race bib, and giveaway item (shirt, hat, or socks). At 6pm we will have a shakeout run of 20 minutes before raffling off some sponsor items and enjoying some beer from Brewery 85. Packet pickup will also be available prior to the race start at Southside High School one hour prior to each event. 

Address and Parking

The race is located at Southside High School and runners can park at the following address: 6630 Frontage Rd, Greenville, SC 29605. You will enter the main parking lot off of Frontage Road. There are 400 parking spots available so spread out!

Base Camp

We will have plenty of space for personal tents to be set up around the finish line and plenty of space for family members and crew to hang out. We are a pretty laid back event company so we hope you like the chilled out vibes that go along with running when it's 100+ degrees!

Weekend Tips 

  • Pickup your stuff on Friday. We are expecting over 400+ runners, crew, and family arriving for this race so getting your stuff early is better for YOU
  • Arrive early (at least one hour) to claim your spot, set up your tent/cooling area, and of course mingle with the locals
  • Don’t be late. This race is scheduled to start at 11:40am and the cowbell will go off every 40 minutes until 7:40. If you miss a lap you will be DQed from the event. We will allow you to continue the course but please be mindful of other competitors and TURN IN YOUR BIB
  • Pace yourself. I can’t tell you how many people ran Positive Splits! They ran slower and slower and slower and it looked miserable. If you start steady you will most likely stay steady. If you start slow most likely you will get faster. 
  • Cool yourself. We will have ice (please donate a bag) in two kiddie pools with towels to use before your next lap begins
  • Runners who are coming in for later races please be mindful that you will be driving along other runners who are on course coming up the hill from frontage road. 
  • Did I mention pace yourself and keep yourself cool?

Relay Teams

  • One runner per team may run at a given time
  • Runners may run consecutive laps
  • Relay teams wait (just like the rest of the marathoners every 40 minutes to begin additional laps)
  • 2 Person teams (a single runner can complete a maximum of 6 laps)
  • 3 Person teams (a single runner can complete a maximum of 4 laps)
  • 4 Person teams (a single runner can complete no more than 3 laps)

Course  & Markings -  STRAVA MAP

The course will have a series of directional arrows (both yellow and green) that will be placed  at various intersections. Please follow all directional arrows to stay on course. In the event that you make a wrong turn please backtrack to your original spot of confusion. Cutting the course (even if unintentionally will lead to a disqualification)  The  Carolina Reaper course  will be held on a closed road loop within the campus of Southside High School. The course will run briefly on Frontage Road but we will have a police escort to direct traffic.  

Aid Stations

There is one aid stations on course that will be located at the start/finish of the 2.62 mile loop. The aid station will be fully stocked with tailwind, soda, water, cookies, salt, chips, and crackers. We encourage all runners to bring a dish or aid station food to help contribute to this wonderful event. This is a cup-less event so runners are required to carry a hydration bottle if they will need fluids during the race.

Cancellation Policy

We will give a 48 hour advance notice of cancellation. In the event of a cancellation you will be given the option to defer your registration to next year with a 2 week window for deferral after the next years event has been scheduled and runners have been notified via email.  We plan ahead by purchasing insurance, food, bibs, patches, awards, shirts, and facility rentals. We will go ahead and donate your entry to our park system. Thank you

T-Shirt and Swag Design

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