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Go-Green Events is an event registration and payment web site. We work with all events to provide well-organized and easy-to-use registration services at a low cost.


Pricing Information

What does it cost to use go-greenevents?

Event Directors

go-greenevents is free for event directors to post their events. We charge our very reasonable fees based on the event cost. The event director has the option to display the total event fee as a single price or show the event cost + the event fee.

If your event is Free to the attendees, we don't charge anything to use to collect your registrations. If your event has a cost to attend we charge a very reasonable fee to the participants. They see the total charges upfront before they even give us their name - allowing them to make an informed buying decision.

Our Fees:

  • 2.5% of the event cost + $1.49 per registration
  • 3% of the total cost for credit card processing. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and electronic checks from your participants.

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Event Director comments about
"The race went well, and we continued to get comments on how easy it was to register.  It has really been a pleasure working with y'all, and we will be using you again, as well as spreading the word."

"oh yes. the ride was a success. and thanks to you, I think we had quit a few satisfied riders, even though they did not say so. is just too expensive."

"Thanks so much for having this site available for online registration! It made my life much easier :)"

"It was a pleasure working with you and the website. Next year I believe it will be our FIRST choice. Take care and thank you again!"

Event Participants

If you are registering for an event listed on go-greenevents we have worked with the event director to present your pricing in a very reasonable, fair way.