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Prisoner of War 7.5 Mile Trail Race

Croft State Park
450 Croft State Park Rd
Spartanburg SC 29302

Date: 02/16/20
Time: 09:00 AM


Prisoner of War 7.5 Mile Trail Race
Participant List (2)
Register Closes Feb. 10, 2020, midnight
Event Director Info

Matthew Hammersmith
Without Limits


Prisoner of War Ultra

Camp Croft State Park - Spartanburg Sc

February 15th - 16th 2020

Matthew Hammersmith  

“The prisoner, having reached the depth of his depression, gradually reawakens to the life around him. He licks himself and his wounded pride, opens his eyes, and finds that far away on the horizon there is still a ray of sunlight left.”


Upstate Ultra is presenting its  1st Annual Prisoner of War Ultra  to be held at Camp Croft State Park in Spartanburg South Carolina.
This race will bring he history of Camp Croft as an Infantry Training camp established in the 1940's in preparation of World War II. Over 200,000 soldiers were trained at Camp Croft during that time. The majority of the soldiers trained at Croft were rifleman and as you do loops around the 7 mile course you can still hear shots being fired at the James O. Thomason Firing Range over the hill.
Many of us have family members who are in active duty or veterans of war. Many of them suffer from aspects of the war that are hard to explain. They keep them locked inside and create their own prison wall inside. As a participant of this 24 Hour Run please keep in mind the struggle that many veterans faced during and after their service.
This 7,000-acre park near downtown Spartanburg was once a United States Army training camp, giving it the name Camp Croft. The training base was established here in 1941 under the direction of then-United States Senator James F. Byrne and was named in honor of Major General Edward Croft of Greenville, a former United States Army Chief of Infantry who died in 1938. From 1941 through 1946, around 60,000 troops went through training at Camp Croft each year. The camp closed in 1947, and the land was transferred to the South Carolina Commission of Forestry for use as a state park. Camp Croft State Park opened in 1949.
Part of the proceeds will go directly to Camp Croft State Park for park and trail maintenance and the other part will go to  Fellow Countryman ! They are a Combat Veteran owned and operated program. They have personally experienced on numerous occasions, the sacrifices made by America’s finest men and women who’ve fought and paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend America’s way of life. Please take a few minutes to read about one of America’s Heroes that gave his life in the line of duty, so that others might live.


Event Start Times

  • Prisoner of War 24 Hour Run - February 15th @ 0800 Hours
  • Marksman 50k - February 15th @ 1000 Hours
  • Bolo 25k - February 16th @ 0800 Hours
  • Basic Training 7.5 Mile - February 16th @ 0900 Hours
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Discounts and Membership

  • All S.C.U.M (South Carolina Ultra Marathon) receive 15% OFF  


Runners can enter the park at the following address: 450 Croft State Park Road, Spartanburg, SC 29302. Once you enter the park please follow the signs to main park office adjacent to Campground loop 1 & 2. Any additional parking can be found adjacent to the horse stables and will be marked accordingly. 
  • Annual Park passes can be used at the gate to gain entrance to the park
  • Daily Park Pass is $2 per individual


Base Camp

Camping reservations will be made available on a first come first serve basis. It is recommended that if you are running the 24 hour run that you make a reservation for one of the campground loops. The run course will actually go by every campsite in both Campground loops 1 & 2. If you are unable to make a reservation there will be a base camp and aid station area designated for all other runners to place their drop bags to be used during the race. 
  • $70 for a 2 Night Campsite with Water & Power (campground loop 1)
    • up to 6 guests and 2 cars
  • $70 for a 2 Night Campsite with Water & Power (campground loop 1)
    • up to 6 guests and 2 cars
  • $50 for a 2 Night Primitive Campsite
    • up to 2 guests
  • $10 for a weekend pass


Course Markings

The course will have a series of directional arrows that will be placed at all intersections. Please follow all directional arrows to stay on course. In the event that you make a wrong turn please backtrack to your original spot of confusion. Cutting the course (even if unintentionally will lead to a disqualification)


Prisoner of War -   Course Map & Profile

The Prisoner of War course will cover a 7 mile route that passes by each campground loop before heading out to the state park that wraps around Lake Craig. The course has 450 feet of elevation gain per 7 mile loop and is mostly single track trails. Here is a link to the State Park  Trail Map . Please be courteous to other park patrons as these trails will still be open to the public. Trails to be used will include the following: 
  • Craig Trail (31)
  • Lake Johnson Fairforest Creek Connector (26)
  • Lake Johnson Loop Trail (24)
  • Forest Mill Loop (20)

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24 Hour Runners

  • Participants will have 24 hours to run, walk, crawl, or hike as many 7.5 mile laps as they can starting at 8am on Saturday through 8am on Sunday. 
  • Each lap will encompass the 7.5 mile loop that includes going around each campground and by each campsite

50k Runners

  • Participants of the 50k will have a 12 hour cuttoff to complete 4 loops of the 7.5 mile course
  • Each lap will encompass the 7.5 mile loop that includes going around each campground and by each campsite

25k Runners

  • Participants of the 25k will have a 4 hour cutoff to complete 2 loops of the 7.5 mile course
  • Each lap will encompass the 7.5 mile loop that includes going around each campground and by each campsite

7.5 Mile Trail Race

  • Participants of the 7.5 mile race will have a 3 hour cutoff to complete the one loop 


Course  Cut Off

Each Saturday race has a cutoff of 8am on Sunday. All runners who need to stop their race for whatever reason before finishing please return your chip tag to someone at the timing table and indicate that you are pulling out of the event. We allow individuals to drop from one event to another to receive a finishers award to that distance. For example all 24 hour Runners who complete at least a 50k distance can drop to the 50k event result list.


Aid Stations

There is one aid stations on course that will be located at the start/finish of the 7 mile loop. The aid station will be fully stocked with tailwind, soda, water, cookies, salt, chips, and crackers. We will be preparing meals for the 24 Hour runners only. We encourage all runners to bring a dish or aid station food to help contribute to this wonderful event. This is a cup less event so runners are required to carry a hydration bottle if they will need fluids during the race.
If you have any questions about this race, please contact the race director at
  • No Refunds
  • No Deferrals
  • No Transfers 

Cancellation Policy

We will give a 48 hour advance notice of cancellation. In the event of a cancellation you will be given the option to defer your registration to next year with a 2 week window for deferral after the next years event has been scheduled and runners have been notified via email. We plan ahead by purchasing insurance, food, bibs, patches, awards, shirts, and facility rentals. We will go ahead and donate your entry to our park system. Thank you
Packet Pickup:
  • Packet Pickup will be held Thursday at New Balance Store Woodruff between 4pm and 8pm. 
  • Packet pickup on Friday will be held at the race site campground loop one starting 1 hour before race start
  • Packet pickup on Saturday will be held at the race site campground loop one starting 1 hour before race start
    • Park Gate does not open until 7am on race day
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