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4th - Go Run Go Local Go Green 5K

Southside High School
6630 Frontage at Whitehorse Rd
Greenville SC 29605

Date: 07/10/20
Time: 07:00 PM


Not Available Yet Registration begins June 26, 2020, midnight
Event Director Info

Jonathan Smith
Southside Cross Country


Southside is excited to host the 3rd annual Go Run, Go Local, Go Green 5K race series!!!

This race series will be hosted every Friday for a month throughout the summer starting on June 12th and going until July 10th (with the exception of July 3rd). This will be a free, chip timed race.

In keeping with our slogan, "Go Run, Go Local, Go Green", this series will consist of free races to the community for anyone who wants to just get out there and run! We will also be collecting race bibs after every race to reuse the next week, "Go Green"! :)

This race site will alternate between Southside High School's 5K Cross Country course one direction and then the opposite direction the next week, it will be painted/coned on both sides and is very easy to follow.

Please register each week at
- Pre Race registration will open two weeks before the race and close Thursday the night before at 7pm

In keeping with our Go-Green theme, there will BE NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION!!!! If you want to receive a finish time, you MUST pre register! You can still show up and run, but you will not receive a bib or time without prerace registration.

Plese don't forget to register for the Tiger Trail 5k here: !!! All proceeds go to benefit Southside Cross Country

The free races will conclude on July 10th and we will have our 6th Annual Tiger Trail 5k the next Saturday on July 25th! Please register for those as well! :)


6/12 - Southside (Forward)
6/19 - Southside (Backward)
6/26 - Southside (F)
7/10 - Southside (B)
7/25 (Saturday) - Tiger Trail 5k at Southside 

No trash on our trails.

This race is walker-friendly.

This race route could be traversed with a stroller, but it'll be pretty bumpy. Do so at your own risk, but not at the risk of your child.

For the safety of others, pets are not allowed.

Packet Pickup:

Race day at Southside High School from 6pm-6:45pm.

Copy and Paste this link into an email and invite your friends: