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Challenge to Conquer Cancer Short Track MTB Race on Sept. 8, 2011, 6 p.m.

1-RJ Jerina
2-Harrison Allen
3-Paul Phillips

B Race
1-Clifford Hanson
2-Abhay Patel
3-Charlie Hough
4-Elisha Godfrey
5-Will Siedel
6-Mark Nagg
7-Reggie Rhoades
8-Johnathon Laroy
9-Kyle Rozak
10-Ray Freeman
11-Randy McDougald
12-Eric Green
13-Raymond Clark
14-Ron Jerina
15-David Cicle
16-Robert Green

B Women
1-Jackie Blackwell
2-Catherine James
3-Nicole Johnson

1-Eli Narrimore
2-Glenn Poupore
3-Clark Phillips
4-Kevin Satterfield
5-Carlos Norena
6-Eric Christopherson
7-Allen Hellenga
8-Yuans Halaxit
9-Boyd Johnson

A Women
1-Debbie Gilispie
2-Samantha Smith
3-Leslie James