2 Mile Run


Falls Park
601 S Main Street
Greenville SC 29601
Event Date:   05/29/17
Event Start Time:   08:30 AM
Max Regs:   2500
Current Regs:   80

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In consideration of this entry I, my heirs, administrators, and assigns hereby release the Greenville Track Club, the City of Greenville, the County of Greenville, the state of South Carolina, and all other sponsors, promoters, managers, directors, officials, agents, employees, and volunteers of THE FREEDOM FLYER 2-MILER from any and all claims of injury, illness or damages suffered by me as a result of my participation in, traveling to or from this event. I realize that this is a strenuous event that requires proper physical conditioning. I hereby certify that I am in such physical condition and good health. I know there will be automobile traffic on the course and assume the risk of running in traffic. I give permission for the free use of my name, photograph and/or video image in media and marketing accounts of this event. Notice: unregistered runners/walkers, unauthorized vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, and pets are prohibited.

Participant agrees that he/she holds go-greenevents.com harmless and limits our liability for actions of the Event, Event Director/Promoter, Event Staff, Volunteers, Contractors, Vendors or others associated with the Event to no more than the Registration Fee paid during the event registration process.
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