4th Annual Half-Moon Golden Nugget SUP Race


Half-Moon Outfitters
Event Total Price (all fees shown)
Golden Nugget SUP Race 5K - 14'
Participant List ( 2 ) Results
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Golden Nugget SUP Race 5K - 12'6''
Participant List ( 15 )
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SUP 5k Hybrid/surf style boards 12'2 and under
Participant List ( 21 )
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Golden Nugget SUP Race 5K - Grandmaster 50 and up
Participant List ( 11 )
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Golden Nugget SUP Race 10K - 14'
Participant List ( 10 )
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Golden Nugget SUP Race 10K - 12'6''
Participant List ( 11 )
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Golden Nugget SUP Race 10K - Grandmaster 50 and up
Participant List ( 4 )
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Golden Nugget SUP Race 10K - Traditional/Prone
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Golden Nugget SUP Race - Youth age 10 and Under
Participant List ( 5 )
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Golden Nugget SUP Race - Youth ages 11-15
Participant List ( 4 )
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Time: 2:00PM


Reds Ice House
98 Church Street
Mt Pleasant, SC29464

Event Director Info:
Janice Fetter
Half-Moon Outfitters
425 Coleman Blvd
Mt Pleasant, SC29464
email address

The Race - 

The Golden Nugget SUP Race is being hosted by Half-Moon Outfitters on Saturday, October 12th at 2:00 pm at Red's Ice House on Historic Shem Creek. The Golden Nugget Race will be split into a Short Course 5k and a Long Course 10k.  The 5k will allow 12'2 and under, 12'6 and 14ft, while the 10k allows 12'6" and 14' boards.  We're adding a new catagory, Traditional/Prone.  Both 5k and 10k will have a Grand Master classification for paddlers 50 and over with an unlimited board length.

For the first time we are happy to offer a youth specific race immediately following the adult races.  The 2 age categories are 10 and under and 11-15, both coed.  There is no restriction on board length in either category.  Sorry, race shirts will not be included in youth race categories this time. 

The Golden Nugget SUP race will be an official sanctioned point event for the WPA. The Mission of the Golden Nugget is to provide a fun, safe and competitive experience for paddlers while raising money for a worthwhile charity. 

Benefiting Crisi Ministries, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing food, shelter and hope to end homelessness and hunger one person at a time, one family at a time. 


The Treehouse atop Red's Ice House has an excellent view of the racers on Shem Creek.  Shem Creek Park is another great place to view the action.  Visitors can stroll a 2,200 foot boardwalk to view acres of marsh, Hummock Island and Charleston Harbor. http://www.scgreatoutdoors.com/park-shemcreekpark.html 

The Party - 

Join us for the post race celebration at Red's Ice House.  All racers will receive a complimentary ticket to the after-party which will have fun, food and drinks.   

Required Dress: Shirt for men, cover-up for women and footwear ( yes... flips are ok)

Family and friends are welcome to join in on the fun. They can purchase food and drinks at the restaurant and outside bar.  

Prize Categories - 5 or more racers must be entered per category to qualify for prizes

Long Course  10K 6 miles 
14ft        Men - first, second, third     
12'6" -    Men - first, second, third      Women - first, second, third
Grand Masters - Men - first, second, third      Women - first, second, third 
Prone/Traditional- All Gender  first. second and third

Short Course  5K 3 miles -
14ft - Men - first, second, third      Women - first, second, third                                                                                                                    
12'6" -    Men - first, second, third      Women - first, second, third                                                                                                                        
12'2 and under -  hybrid/ surf style boards - Men - first, second, third      Women - first, second, third                                                                                                 
Grand Master - Men - first, second, third      Women - first, second, third 

Race shirts are made by Vapor Apparel.  Register early to insure a race shirt as they will be available while quantities last.

women's - s, m, l, XL        men's -s,  m, l, xl

Hotel Information

Discounted room rates have been established at the following hotels in Mt. Pleasant.  All require a 30 advance reservation to take advantage of the discounted rates.

Shem Creek Inn (located at the Race site) - $169 Creek Side per night, $199 Marsh Side per night
1401 Shrimp Boat Lane
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 
(843) 881-1000

Days Inn - $79 per night                                                                                                                                                                               
261 Johnnie Dodds Blvd                                                                                                                                                                                 
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464                                                                                                                                                                                 
(843) 881-1800 or (866)637-7881  

Hampton Inn Patriots Point - $139 per night                                                                                                                                                       
255 Session Way
Mt.Pleasant, SC 29464                                                                                                                                                                                 
(843) 881-3300 

Race Day Registration - 

Late registration will be available on Saturday from 12-1:15 at Red's Ice House.

Race Day Schedule - 

                  Check In              12:00- 1:15 

                  Race Meeting       1:30-1:45

                  10K Race Begins  2:00

                  5K Race Begins    2:15

                  Youth                  3:30

                  Awards                4:30


Parking is available in Red's Ice House parking lot.  Drive in towards the Creek, drop off your board and circle around and park.  Parking attendants will direct you.  If at all possible, car pool!

Course Maps:

Course maps and rules for the 5K and 10K routes can be found here.



WPA Competitor Rules and Safety
a) A competitor must be standing while paddling once a race has started until crossing over the finish line. A competitor is allowed to sit, lay or kneel to rest without making forward progress. If a competitor takes more than five strokes while sitting, laying or kneeling once a race has startedthe competitor may be disqualified (DNF). The exception with this would be for safety reasons where a competitor needs to avoid or may be put into a potentially dangerous situation that would put them or others at risk of injury and or property damage.

b) A competitor shall only use the paddle, waves and wind to propel the board forward during a race. No outside assistance drafting a vessel not in the race, form of a sail, clothing designed to catch wind, or any other speed device not considered the norm to SUP racing is allowed. Boat wakes are considered natural conditions unless a competitor is deemed as getting an unfair advantage over other competitors as with drafting (see drafting rule 4b). The safety of all participants and competitions is the number one priority of the race director and the WPA. Participants shall attend all competitor meetings and race postings to keep themselves informed with the typical conditions for the race and also the day of conditions to be expected. Race Directors need to warn the competitors of any dangers that could occur and where all safety personal will be located on the course during the pre-race competitors meeting. Competitors shall be mindful of the hand signals to be used if someone is injured, danger (paddle in the air, waiving or erect) or in need of help but not injured (hand in the air).  All competitors should be mindful with any persons that may be in danger during the course of the race and should assist or help get safety staff attention.

All paddlers are required to carry a PFD and a whistle on them while they race - No paddlers will be allowed to race if they do not have both these items 

All paddlers must be at least 16 years old to race in the adult 5k/10k

All paddlers are required to sign a waiver before competing in the race

Packet Pickup:

Half-Moon Outfitters
425 Coleman Blvd.
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

Thursday, Oct. 10th - 10am-6pm 

Friday, Oct. 11th - 10am-6pm
Or day of event at Red's Ice House on Shem Creek  from 12-1:30 pm 



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